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Riverside Pawn Shops Guide: Electronics | March 2019


Riverside Pawn Shops Guide: How to Pawn Electronics for the Most Money

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People love to buy used and refurbished electronics, especially when prices typically dip to 70% off. At prices like that, it makes sense to use pawn shops to both buy and sell electronics. Rather than having to sell at bargain basement prices, sell via a reputable shop when you pawn electronics.

Pawn shops take painstaking efforts to test out and verify that their electronics are genuine and in great condition. When you buy from a pawn shop, most electronics have been guaranteed as in perfect working condition. That’s because they have high standards for what they’ll accept.

If you want to get the most when you’re selling electronics to a pawn shop, follow these 4 tips.

1. Clean Them Up

Before you walk into a pawn shop with your laptop, digital camera, or other electronic devices, make sure you’ve cleaned it up. If the pawn shop takes one look at your electronics and doubts it can even power on, you’re not going to make very much from them.

Take the time to carefully clean off glass screens with alcohol or glass cleaner. Check to see which cleaners are recommended for the electronics you have. Don’t go prodding around on the inside with a metal scraper, as you’ll end up shorting out the circuits and rendering it useless.

2. Replace Broken Parts

If you’re missing a rubber pad from the bottom of a laptop or a small eyepiece from an otherwise perfect condition digital camera, order one online. For the few dollars, you’ll spend replacing that piece, you could be talking about hundreds of dollars in the difference between what you’ll get from a pawn shop.

Follow an online guide to help repair small components.

When your pawnbroker looks at your electronics and doubts what kind of condition your item is in, you’re not in for a good price.

3. Sell What’s Hot

Be wary of trying to sell an ancient piece of electronic equipment, no matter what the condition, unless you’re seeing a huge resurgence. There’s a newfound appreciation for retro gaming systems that are in tip-top shape, from a non-smoking home.

Turntables and guitars tend to have a longer lifespan, so long as they’ve been kept in great condition. Old keyboards and synthesizers are hit or miss depending on the local market.

4. Shop Around

Because so much of what you can make depends on what’s hot in the Riverside market, be sure you get to know what people are clamoring for. Visit a few shops or call around first before you show up with your items. You’ll start to get a feel for what your items could sell for based on what’s on the shelves.

If there’s an influx of Playstations, you might want to hold onto yours until the surplus dies down.

Get Money Fast When You Pawn Electronics

Choosing to pawn electronics can help you ensure that not only do you get paid fairly but you get paid quickly. When you pawn through a reputable shop, you’re ensuring that your valuables reach a good home.

When you’re on the hunt for the right shop, follow our guide to find one that will treat you with respect and pay you fairly.

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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Riverside Pawn Shops Guide: Electronics | March 2019
Here's your quick guide to Riverside pawn shops that take electronics, plus tips to get a good value for your gadgets. Electronics get lots of money.
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