How Do I Sell My Flat Screen TV?

January 17, 2020 - Electronics

Running low on cash? Then you may be thinking: “I need to sell my flat screen TV.”

Yes, it’s painful to think about. But bills need to be squared away and honestly, you don’t use your TV much.

You may have a few questions about selling your TV. “Where can I sell my TV?” is probably one of them. Here, we’ll explain how and where to sell your flat screen TV for the maximum amount of cash.

Can I Sell My Flat Screen TV for Big Bucks?

Unless your television is brand new and/or barely used, this answer is, unfortunately, a no. Obviously, if you just bought your TV last week and you’ve only turned it on once, you can sell it anywhere for close to market price.

But if your TV is from 5 years ago and you’ve watched hours of your favorite shows on it every day, don’t expect to get much back for it.

Not only do you have to factor in how much you’ve used it, but you also have to think about how much the market value drops each year. Because new TV models come out every year, the value of your TV drops significantly as time goes by.

Before you set out to sell, do some calculations to estimate how much your TV’s depreciated in value.

You don’t have to be disheartened though. By following our tips, you can still get a decent price for your flat screen TV.

Use Pawn Shops

It’s a good way to get instant cash. You can either outright sell your TV or use it to get a loan (this is what pawning is).

By pawning your TV, you’ll get cold hard cash instantaneously. Plus, you’ll get your TV back once you repay the loan.

Get Good Cash for Your TV

As you can see, if you take your time and do your research, you can get a decent amount of money back for your television, even if it’s an older model.

Even if you get a good first offer or price at the first place you go to, don’t take it straightaway. Instead, wait for more offers or get a few more quotes before you settle on a place to sell. It’ll take a little more time, but it may get you significantly more money. If you’re looking for a service that can give you a wide options of pawn shops, consider using PawnGuru!


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