How to Sell Items at a Pawn Shop in Phoenix

February 22, 2020 - Pawn Resources

Your car payment, your rent, and your cable bill are all late!

Money is tight and your paycheck didn’t quite cover it all. You just watched an entire season of the show where people bring in their belongings and leave with cash.

You and they have something in common. You both need or want a little cash.

You too can earn some quick cash when you sell your treasures. But you need a strategy.

We’ve got your strategy! Stay with us for a few minutes and read our tips for selling your valuables at a pawn shop in Phoenix. You never know—that vase might be worth some tall cash.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you’re like most people, you assume your belongings are worth a million bucks. Okay, maybe not a million but you’re sure they’re worth more than a few dollars.

You have a price in mind and it’ likely based on one or more of the following:

  • Your friend sold theirs for $1000.
  • It has sentimental value, which always inflates the price (in our minds).
  • Your need.

Now for the truth. Most of the time items brought to a pawn shop are not worth what the owner thinks they’re worth. Knowing beforehand the estimated value of your piece of jewelry or your antique cheese grater puts you in a better position for negotiating.

Research your valuables online. If you have a prior appraisal, bring it along. But understand what the pawn shop will offer might not be the same. The market can change pretty quickly, as can a pawn shop’s interest in an item. In all likelihood, you won’t get exactly what you saw or got before.

Knowing what items sell quickly in pawnshops can also help you decide what price you ask for your valuables.

Know What Sells

You need quick cash and a pawn shop in Phoenix is the place you can get it. But you can’t expect quick cash on just any old thing you bring in.

Research what’s hot right now. What do pawnbrokers get excited about buying? It might not be your antique cheese grater.

If you have anything on this list, you may have a winner!

Maybe your item isn’t a hot seller. Take it in and let the pawnbroker make the decision whether it’s of value. Value depends on whether the broker thinks they can sell it quickly.

The appearance of your item also determines the price offered by the pawnbroker.

Make It Sparkle

Appearance means a lot even if you’re selling old items like worn military uniforms or a painting that’s been buried in your basement for twenty years.

Carefully remove dust and grime from musical instruments. Wash glassware and porcelain.

Don’t touch the old coins! Cleaning coins removes the patina. Coin collectors appreciate their nickels and dimes au naturale.

If you’re selling a computer, tablet, or cell phone, remove any personal information, including financial records. Wipe that hard drive!

Preparing your items and making them look as attractive as possible ensures you get the best price. Don’t forget about any original packaging, cords, accessories, and official statements of value.

Mastering a few selling skills won’t hurt either.

Learn the Art of Negotiation

Pawnbrokers are in the business of negotiating. If they’ve owned a pawn shop in Phoenix for long, they’ve spent years perfecting their negotiation skills.

If you want the best price for your valuables, consider learning the art of negotiation.

Determine two numbers before you take your item to the shop. Figure out what it’s worth. Decide on your selling price.

Don’t ramble or talk yourself down.

If the broker’s offer isn’t high enough, ask for an explanation. You may have overvalued your item.

If you took that bomber jacket to a collector and they priced it at $450, don’t expect the pawnbroker to offer $450. Pawnbrokers aren’t collectors. They’re in the business of re-selling.

They pay for marketing your item, storing it, and maybe repairing it so they can sell it. Every extra dollar spent decreases their profit. Now you know why people rarely get the $10,000 they want for their old vinyl collection, right?

Find a Great Pawn Shop in Phoenix

Hopefully, we’ve helped you figure out what you want to sell. Maybe we’ve helped you figure out the value of your valuables. We shared a few of our negotiation skills and let you in on a few of our secrets.

We suggested a good cleaning and shared some best sellers. But there’s so much more you can learn about selling things in a pawn shop in Phoenix.

Check out our other articles here. Time to cash in!


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