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Where Can I Sell My Bike for Cash Near Me? | February 2019

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If you’re in a bind and need some extra cash or just want to get rid of an old bike you never use, a pawn shop is your best option.

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Bicycles are always in demand. In fact, many big cities are taking measures to promote biking by creating bike routes and lanes.

This means finding pawn shops that buy bikes should be pretty easy. Let’s go over how you can find the right buyer and get the best price for your bike.

Find the Right Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are very common, especially in big cities. However, don’t just pick the one closest to you and take what they offer.

Instead, try to find a pawn shop that sells a good amount of sporting equipment. They understand that people look for used bikes all the time and will most likely give you a good price.

Fix Up Your Bike Before Selling

Most people understand that pawn shop bikes aren’t going to be in the best condition. But that doesn’t mean you should bring in a bike that barely works.

The better condition your bike is in, the more money you’ll get for it. You don’t have to do a major overhaul. However, oiling the chain, pumping up the tires, and making sure all nuts and bolts are secure will help your bike sell.

If you have any biking accessories such as a helmet or pump, bring those along as well. These things will help sweeten the deal and attract a higher price.

Make Sure it Looks Nice

Taking a little time to clean your bike will increase the chance of a pawn shop buying it right away. It can also increase the amount of cash you’ll get.

A little soap and water will take care of any dirt and grime. You may also want to consider rewrapping the handlebars to make it look newer.

Pawn shops will fix up the items they buy, but only to a certain degree. A bike covered in dust and old mud may not be worth it to them.

Do a Little Research

It won’t hurt to get an idea of how much used bikes like yours sell for. Look online for the same make and model and write down the common asking price.

You could also take a look at how much local pawn shops charge for bikes. This will give you an idea of how much you should sell yours for.

Keep in mind though that pawn shops are resellers and will give you lower than market rate.

Find Local Pawn Shops That Buy Bikes

Every pawn shop is different, so make sure you don’t waste time with a shop that doesn’t have any interest in bikes. Instead, only do business with local pawn shops that buy bikes and other sporting gear. Then, make sure you take the steps discussed above to get the best price.

For more articles and tips on selling to pawn shops, check out our blog.

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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Where Can I Sell My Bike for Cash Near Me? | February 2019
No matter where you are what the economy is like, there will be a market for bicycles. Click here to learn why you should visit pawn shops that buy bikes.
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