How to Sell Your Victorian Upholstery Fabric

February 21, 2020 - Antiques, Art and Collectibles

Interested in selling beautiful Victorian upholstery fabric material and furniture?

Did you know that antique furniture could be worth thousands of dollars?

First, one must learn how to clean and maintain the upholstery. Otherwise, it will begin to fade or smell musty.

In this article, we are going to examine some tips on how to clean the furniture.

Keep reading to learn how to maintain old upholstery properly!

Factors to Consider About Victorian Upholstery Fabric

Victorian upholstery is made carefully. If one wants to clean the old top cover, there are a few things to consider.

Tacks are used to hold in the top cover. They are usually nailed into the wood so well that the top of the tack is impressed into the textile. Do not try to lever out the tack. If its weakened the material and rusted, it could tear the upholstery.

By hiring a conservator, one can watch how they remove the cover. They will be able to minimize the damage.

A fact not well known is that when the material is fitted, its stretched first and then trimmed. If one removes the material, it can be hard to fit again because there isn’t enough material.

You cannot change frames. You need to return it to your original chair or piece of furniture. Many top covers have been added over another before. You may be lucky however and be able to find the original beneath it.

Sometimes, however, the chair can break apart because of the additional bulk.

How to Clean Spills on Victorian Upholstery Fabric

If someone spills something accidentally on a chair, quickly blot the area with a paper towel. This will help absorb the liquid. Repeat this as often until most of the fluid has been absorbed.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry the area. This could result in dry material or stuck stains.

Once the area has been blotted, see if there is a remaining stain. It is possible to dampen the area with a bit of water, then blot it away. Hopefully, the stain will also begin to leave.

We know now that upholstery does have many layers. Keeping the liquid separate from all the layers is difficult. Be careful because the color in the top layer may run. Do not use too much liquid to blot the area.

One can also you a non-harsh dish soap. Gently rub the service until there isn’t any debris left. If the dish soap doesn’t remove the grime, try something a little stronger like Murphy’s Oil.

Maintaining Antique Furniture

Dust furniture regularly to avoid buildup of grime and dirt.

Make sure to keep the furniture out of direct sunlight. The beautiful material can quickly fade if exposed to intense sun rays.

Go Sell Victorian Furniture

After learning about how to maintain and clean upholstered furniture, one can feel more confident when pursuing business in selling Victorian upholstery fabric material or furniture.

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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