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How to Sell Your Chanel Purse January 2019

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Do you have cash sitting in your closet? No, don’t do a double take, we mean in the bags you never use?

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Pawn or Sell An Item

Maybe you have a collection of Kate Spades or better — a Chanel purse.

They can earn you a pretty penny online or at a pawn store. Learn how to get the best price below.

How to Sell Your Chanel Purse

Coco Chanel wouldn’t have wanted her namesake purses to be neglected in the back of your closet. She’d want her beautiful items used and viewed.

Learn how to give them a loving new owner below.

Clean Up the Bag

Most designer bags are made of very delicate material, like leather or another animal skin. If there’s dirt on this surface, you can’t throw it in the washer or anything like that.

For shiny surfaces or those that are sealed (like most leathers), you can take an organic and sensitive skin baby wipe to wipe away surface dirt. This is especially useful on the bottom of the bag and around the handles.

If there are scratches in the leather, be careful using the wipe around them. The scratch may go deeper than the sealant and could discolor the area and make the scratch look worse.

Find the Original Accessories

Most designer bags, if bought straight from the designer, come with a dust cover and a certificate of authenticity. That certificate is your key to getting the kind of money your bag deserves.

If you still have the original box and dust cover, that’s also a plus. Make sure if you list it online, you show all three things in your photo.

A word of warning, though, people try to fake certificates of authenticity. Find a small post-it note and write your name and the date on it. Stick it right in the middle of the certificate so that someone can’t download and scam anyone with that photo.

Plus, it shows people you’re willing to stand behind your bag and what you claim it to be.

Find the Right Sites

Let’s talk about eBay. It’s okay, right?

The whole auction thing is a pain and they charge fees. But sometimes, if your piece is really rare, it’s the way to go.

Check out what other people have similar to your item on eBay before you list it. If your item would be highly competitive, post it there.

If there are already five or six of the same item, skip eBay. There are other sites you can use.

Like The RealReal, a popular consignment site for luxury and designer items. In a recent podcast, even Reese Witherspoon admitted to using the site.

If you want to sell there, you’ll need original documentation. Proof of purchase (original receipt) won’t hurt either.

Be honest about the condition of your bag, no matter which avenue you decide to sell it on.

If it’s a lower-end designer, like under $300 value, try ThreadUp or Mercari instead of the RealReal.

The Issues with Online Sites

You know what sucks about listing something online? Most sites will charge you shipping and a listing fee.

Pawn sites and pawn shops in general, won’t. You’ll get one offer, free from fees.

All you have to do is load up a picture of your Chanel purse and fill out some information online. It only takes seconds.

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

Pawn or Sell An Item
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How to Sell Your Chanel Purse January 2019
You can make a decent chunk of change by selling your Chanel purse. Read on to learn how to sell your Chanel purse. Post it online and get cash today!
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