How to Sell Your Fendi Purse

January 14, 2020 - Clothing, Accessories and Handbags

“Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi and then Donna” 

If you’re lucky enough to have a bag from any of the designers mentioned, did you know it’s worth good money? Yes, you can sell your Fendi purse for a chunk of cash.

But how? We’re not talking about hocking it on the street. You’re too good for that!

It’s as easy as typing and clicking a pic. See how below.

How to Sell your Fendi Purse

If you have a Fendi purse, then you’re lucky. Their average retail price has five digits. But, you won’t get the amount you paid for it if you resell it.

Learn how to give them a loving new owner below.

Clean Up the Bag

Fendi uses a large range of materials to make their bags — so cleaning them is a pain. You should be very careful with your Fendi bag, so avoiding dirt is the best option.

If you do get the bag dirty or get a spot on it, you have some choices.

Even if the purse is made of a cloth material, the washing machine is out. First of all, it’s way too violent and second of all, you don’t know that the color won’t be affected.

If you’re feeling brave, you can find a suede or purse cleaning kit usually from online retailers. But keep in mind — the more delicate the details, the riskier it is.

If your Fendi purse is made out of leather and there’s a sheen on it, you lucked out. You can wipe it down with some organic, sensitive skin baby wipes.

Make sure to squeeze out any excess water first, you want the wipe to be damp, not wet.

Show Off the Authenticity 

You’ll get much more interest from buyers and pawn shops if you have the original accessories. We don’t mean the purse straps (though hopefully you still have those!).

We mean the box, any dust cover, and the certificate of authenticity. You’ll get more interest and better offers if you have these materials.

And if you don’t have them — be honest about it.

Plus, this isn’t the first rodeo for online buyers. They know how to tell a real from a steal.

The Issues with eBay-Like Sites

A lot of people would try to go straight to eBay or other online sites, but we don’t recommend it. They charge fees, shipping, and the whole auction thing is a drag when listing your Fendi purse.

It’s actually better and more profitable to use pawn shops. Surprising, we know! Our online service lets you fill out a form and take pictures of your items, getting them on the market in seconds.

Then, local pawn shops or online buyers can contact you with an offer. It’s seriously easier than when you bought the bag.


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