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Sports Memorabilia

How to Sell Sports Memorabilia to Pawn Shops | February 2019

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As the world gets smaller due to the technological boom, the want for sports memorabilia gets larger. How large? It’s currently a $370 billion market.

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And this market is only expecting to rise in the coming decades.

If you’re an avid collector of sports memorabilia, but you’re finding yourself with a surplus, fear not. This guide should help you sell your stuff at pawn shops that buy sports memorabilia.

Scroll down and learn more about the game of pawning your unwanted memorabilia for cash.

1. Rule No. 1 About Pawn Shops that Buy Sports Memorabilia: Have Your Paperwork

When you bring whatever items you’re interested in selling into the pawn shop, they often have to do a lot of legwork and an extensive amount of research before they’re allowed to offer you cash.

Want your money quicker? A fair amount of this researched can be checked off and reviewed fasted if you come in with prepared certification for the shop to see.

2. Do Your Research as Well

It’s common for pawn shops to be able to tell customers a fair amount about their own memorabilia. They may tell you who else owned this item, where it originates from, and about the item’s authenticity.

For instance, if you’re bringing in an item that’s autographed, you should look into some key factors. You should know how many of these autographs are currently existence, how many of them are available to the public, and when the item was signed.

If the item was signed at a playoff or a championship of some kind, it might be worth more. For example, Babe Ruth’s first bat he made a home run with at Yankee Stadium was sold for over a million dollars.

So remember, time and location can make all the difference.

3. Make Sure to Bring in Things that You Would Want to Buy

If you have a basketball signed by Michael Jordan or cleats signed by Jackie Robinson, but no one can read what it says, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sell that item.

This level of care is just as important for the item you’re selling as well. Think about it like this: If the item you’re trying to sell is not something you would try to buy at a pawn shop, chances are, a pawn shop isn’t going to buy it themselves.

Hit a Homerun at the Pawn Shop

Pawn shops that buy sports memorabilia are going to become more popular as time persists. If you have sports memorabilia that you want to sell to them remember: Bring in your certification, make sure the item looks good, and always, always, always do your research!

You never know what you will get out of what you bring in until you try.

Are you unsure how pawn shops work? Check out our quick guide. For more ideas on things you can pawn, read our list of the seven most in-demand items.

Looking to sell or pawn an item now?
Get local cash offers – free, fast & easy.

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How to Sell Sports Memorabilia to Pawn Shops | February 2019
Every man cave should have a quality collection of autographs, but if you've got too much, here's how to sell at pawn shops that buy sports memorabilia.
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  1. Thanks for this advice for selling sports memorabilia. I’m glad that you mentioned to research the item to figure out how much it could cost, like how some autographs could be worth more depending on where it was signed. I’m interested to learn if you should also research how old the memorabilia is, in case it could also affect the cost of an item.

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