Why Used Power Tools Keep Their Value

February 29, 2020 - Equipment and Tools

Used power tools can complement your current collection.

Some are a great deal and can be like new with a simple rebuild. Many folks are in the market for a particular tool and know they can find some of the best that is just now broken in.

If you have some of these quality tools or are looking to buy, here are some names, models, and qualities to look for to get the most out of reselling your used power tools.

What Kind of Used Power Tools Are Good?

There are different tools for all types of jobs. However, some are in high demand. These are often things like drills, saws, grinders, and sanders.

Often times, new box-store power are great for everyday use. But the plastic construction and battery powered motors can burn out and be a bear to replace.

Pneumatic tools, like pneumatic drills, often have strong metal casings that can be split and the internals refinished or replaced.

Tools like Ingersoll Rand, Mac, and Snap-On, for example, are great platforms for a rebuild and offer incredible warranties that cover all types of use done to the tool. Pneumatic items from these companies are hot sellers in pawn shops.

Drills aren’t the only power tools though. Dual-action sanders from Ingersoll Rand and other professional body companies are hot commodities at pawn shops and thrift stores alike.

Older Tools

If you come across an old pneumatic drill, stop a moment and check the label. Even if it is inoperable, you can fetch a decent price for what may otherwise be a paperweight.

Remember, even if you don’t have the means to rebuild a device, someone else might. Consider selling it for a low price as a vintage tool or shell.

However, an even better option you might have is to send the tool into the manufacturer to see if they can apply a warranty to the device.

Companies like Snap-On take pride in their equipment and may observe the warranty if the tool has not yet been registered to someone.

Old tools have a lot to offer. Keep an eye out for potential money makers at garage sales and storage sheds!

Rebuilding Tools

You may consider rebuilding a tool yourself. Even electric devices like table saws and sanders may only need a few parts.

Saw blades, chuck-heads, and sanding pad bases can be easy and quick fixes with a call to the manufacturer, search in a catalog, and quick YouTube video.

Picking up a “broken” device may just mean replacing parts that require maintaining and replacement anyways. The key is to keep a keen eye!

Head Down to the Pawn Shop!

Should you acquire any old used power tools, do your research and find out what it’s worth. Get it cleaned up and looking nice, and put together whatever paperwork you may have with it.

With all the good together, head down and get some profit made. Hunt around, if you are in need of a good tool a used one may just be better than you can buy new!


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