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What Makes a “Good” Photo for Your PawnGuru Shop Profile?

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As a pawn shop owner, you understand how important it is to make a good impression on potential customers and keep existing customers engaged. This is why we put together this post giving you pointers on your PawnGuru profile photo.

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Your PawnGuru photo is an extremely important part of your profile as it is a great chance to convey your shop’s good image, so we recommend you put extra effort into your photo.

Read below to get details on how to make the most of your PawnGuru profile photo to reinforce your customers’ confidence and trust in your business.


Most importantly, your photos should have high enough resolution so that the picture is clear and focused. The photo should not be blurry! Double check what it looks like after you upload it to your profile.

what makes a good PawnGuru profile photo


It should be clear what is shown in the picture. If you have an up-close photo of a shelf of miscellaneous items, or a distant photo of your staff, PawnGuru customers won’t extract anything of value from your photo. You want to make sure that your photo is clearly communicating something, and in order to do that, you need to make sure it is visible.

Conveys Friendliness & Approachability

A photo of your staff smiling always makes for a great PawnGuru profile photo. The most commonly quoted traits by customers for the most popular pawn shops are friendliness and approachability.

pawn shop photos marketing on PawnGuru

This goes hand-in-hand with customer service, so a photo of a friendly-looking staff is a great opportunity to communicate this to potential customers. It also gives your shop a personal touch that sometimes is difficult to communicate online.

Conveys Professionalism

Does your photo convey a high level of professionalism? As a pawn shop owner, we’re sure you’re aware that the industry doesn’t get as much credit as it should. The media’s portrayal of pawn shops in a less-than-positive light over the past years is something we should continue to reverse. Let’s do that by conveying pawn shops in the positive way they deserve.

pawn shop inventory photo marketing on PawnGuru

This means no messiness, no dark lighting, and no photos of staff in less-than-professional attire and surroundings. Shelves and storefronts should look clean and uncluttered, and any items you picture should look pristine. We suggest you avoid photos with text over them unless they appear—you guessed it—professionally done.

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What Makes a “Good” Photo for Your PawnGuru Shop Profile?
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