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where to buy a smartphone for cheap

Where to Buy a Smartphone for Cheap

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Want to know where to buy a smartphone for cheap this year? Whether you’re looking for a used iPhone, Samsung Galaxy (or other Androids), HTC or Windows cellphone, we’ll give you the inside scoop on where to find an affordable smartphone that you might not have considered looking before.

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Electronics are one of the most constantly changing consumer products that exist. There’s always a new model or generation to upgrade to (particularly with smartphones). This tempts people to constantly trade in their old electronics for the newest and best version of what they already have.

This is an expensive habit. But fortunately for you, you get to benefit from the trade-ins that people make on electronics, including smartphones.

What’s great about smartphones is that the technology is still highly relevant whether the phone is a year old or three years old. You still get the basic apps you need, and it’s not as if the smartphones that are a few years old are clunky. The benefit of buying a used cellphone in 2017 is that you’re going to get a phone that looks super modern, sleek and is highly functional.

Continue reading to learn where to buy a smartphone for cheap so that you don’t need to pay full price.

Where to Buy a Smartphone for Cheap: Pawn Shops

If you want to know where to buy a smartphone for cheap, the answer is pawn shops.

A pawn shop is a type of store located in the majority of major towns (and even smaller ones) in America. These stores are primarily in the business of lending cash loans to people using their personal items as collateral.

They also buy and resell second-hand merchandise such as smartphones. Because these are second-hand, you get these at a significant discount off the retail price. However, not many people know that these shops exist as great resources for used phones. This is where you benefit!

You can walk into a local pawn shop and buy a smartphone within minutes. This is a quicker process than you would experience in a place like Best Buy where you would pay full price and need to walk around a huge store.

What’s more, you’re likely to have to listen to a salesperson who is talking your ear off trying to sell you on the newest models. Not at a pawn shop!

Where to Buy a Smartphone for Cheap Quickly: PawnGuru

Your research ends here, because this is the part where we tell you how to use PawnGuru to buy a smartphone for a fantastic price.

At PawnGuru, pawners, buyers and sellers connect with multiple local pawn shops in their area to get cash for their valuables or to buy used goods at a great price.

The pawn shops will promptly send these customers offers online. This allows the customer to price compare the various offers and prices provided by their local pawn shops. In effect, the customer gets the best offer or price possible.

How to Use PawnGuru to Buy a Smartphone for Cheap

Here’s how to use PawnGuru to buy a used smartphone near you at the best price possible, and with no hassle:

  1. Visit PawnGuru and click the “Buy” tab on the form that is front and center.
  2. Fill out the information (the specific smartphone you’re looking for and your contact info)—it’s free & fast!
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Watch prices roll in from relevant pawn shops in your area.
  5. Enter the pawn shop in person that has the best price on the smartphone you’re looking for.
  6. Purchase the smartphone!

Now that we’ve told you where to buy a smartphone for cheap in 2017, we put together more resources and tips on buying, selling and pawning below. Enjoy!

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