Why Pawn Shops Should Survey Their Customers

February 27, 2020 - Pawn Resources

It’s nearly impossible to get a rundown of every customer’s personal experience.

However, providing a space for customers to give feedback benefits you in more ways than one.

In this blog post, we go into detail about why pawn shops should survey their customers.

There’s more to it than just simply collecting feedback for marketing purposes! Continue reading to learn more about this, and then to get some ideas for how to quickly gather feedback from your customers.

Your Customers Will Feel Empowered

People love to feel empowered. It’s just human nature. This especially applies in a world where people often feel disempowered to make a significant difference or be heard.

If you provide a space that makes it easy for your customers to give their feedback or testimonials, you are giving your customers an opportunity to express themselves. And this makes them feel good.

This customer will have left your shop feeling good, which means they will have some sort of positive association to your shop—even if they gave you less-than-perfect feedback!

Don’t underestimate the psychological impact of this. Studies show that when you ask for help, you can actually win someone’s devotion.

This can apply to your customers!

Diffuse Problems Before They Go Public

When your customers feel they are being heard, this can actually benefit you. Customers who have bad experiences will often take to public online review sites and social media to make sure you ‘hear’ them.

Yes, this is a passive aggressive way for them to get attention from a business owner. However, it is often the case that customers whose concerns are diffused before they walk out of a store are less likely to be moved to post negative comments online about your business. Often they haven’t felt like someone was actually listening to them and willing to offer some sort of solution.

But what if you proactively ask for their feedback while they’re in your store?

This would likely prevent any potential lashing out in a public space, because they will feel as if they’ve already been heard. In the case that they had a less-than-perfect experience at your store, you have the opportunity to hear it directly and amend the situation with that customer.

It is not unheard of that these experiences can actually turn into positive reviews for your business.

Use Feedback for Improvement

When you ask for feedback, you can use what customers wrote to make improvements to your shop. They might kindly make a suggestion that you hadn’t thought of before, but can see the value of implementing.

Customers also might validate the positive aspects of your shop for you. Collecting feedback can allow you to take a pulse of customer perception of your business.

Maybe you had an inkling that one of your employees was making customers feel unwelcome, but now you have it on paper directly from a customer. This can help you in the long run.

Use Feedback for Marketing

Feedback can be repurposed as marketing material. Whether you want to incorporate these on your website, on signage, brochures or on social media, you can re-use customer feedback to attract new customers.

This social proof will work wonders for building your business.

How to Survey Pawn Shop Customers

Surveying doesn’t need to be a big ordeal. You can simply search “customer comment card” on Google and print out a free template.

You can also just create your own on the computer, depending on the type of feedback you want to collect, and print it. No matter what, these should be very brief and not require much thinking on the part of the customer.

Leave a few open lines for them to give personal feedback, and provide a rating scale for several aspects of business. For example, staff friendliness, helpfulness, appearance, prices, merchandise, etc.

Keep a small box near your register to collect the comment cards, and give customers some extra counter space to the side so they can fill it out honestly.

Remember to ask customers to fill out the comment cards and if you wish, offer a small discount in exchange for them completing a comment card.

Leave an optional space for them to add their email address to stay in the loop about sales, coupons and hot new merchandise.

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David Stiebel
David Stiebel

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